Breaking the record

376.36 mph (605.69 km/h)

The current motorcycle land speed record of 376.36 mph (605.69 km/h) has stood since 2010. The Suzuki powered, Top Oil-Ack Attack streamliner was ridden by American Rocky Robinson.

Ack Attack

It is an interesting fact that Land Speed Record attempts often come in fits and spurts. Several contenders coming to the forefront at a given point in time, spurring each other on, then retiring to regroup once a dominant front runner or victor has emerged. The record in 2010 was the result of a four year long, two way tussle between fellow Americans Rocky Robinson and Chris Carr.

The Ack Attack and BUB teams traded record runs though the period, raising the record by over 30mph and breaking through the 600kph barrier.


Since that ultimate record breaking run in 2010, the Motorcycle Land Speed Record has stood with no challengers taking to the salt. But the seeming lack of action belies the fact that several contenders have been spending the time preparing for the next onslaught and the all important break through of the 400mph barrier.

Triumph infor

Among them is fellow Brit, Guy Martin. After an aborted attempt in 2015, Guy has returned to Bonneville on the Triumph Rocket Streamliner with his eye on the 400 mark.

Significant as that may be, the Angelic Bulldog team have set their sights over that particular horizon and believe their target lies some way beyond the 400mph barrier.

Team Leader Gabriel Uttley explains:

“There’s no doubt that the first team to break through 400 will have achieved a significant milestone in the the history of speed records, and for sure we’d like to be the one to do it. But to be honest, it’s the outright record that matter to us. It’s our intention not to just break it, but hopefully put it beyond reach of the rest of the pack”.