Building Bulldog

Angelic by name, Bulldog by nature

Employing leading edge design technologies, Angelic Bulldog has been engineered from day one with one object in mind. Safety fast…

Building a bike capable of setting a Land Speed Record is a complex task. More so than first impressions might suggest. Yes you need power and lots of it. But it can’t be at the expense of bulk or weight. Particularly when it comes to bikes.

The essence of speed is aerodynamic efficiency. With that comes stability which at 400mph + is a highly desirable quality in an LSR bike. Combine those with an efficient, compact powerplant and records come within easier reach. But by no means are they a given.

For over ten years the Angelic Bulldog team have been constantly refining the design. Whilst wind tunnel testing has been for many years the accepted method for honing aerodynamic design, now advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling, as employed by F1 teams, is proving to be the preferred option, and one that the Angelic Bulldog team have made extensive use of in honing the aerodynamic performance.

Interestingly this leading edge technology serves very well to prove an old adage “If it looks good, it will go fast”.

May the force be with us

To get a sense of the forces that need to be understood and overcome a quick trip back to the classroom is required.

At 400mph 65% of our present bikes resistive loads are predicted to be aerodynamic.

Simplifying things, the aerodynamic loads can be viewed as being made up of two components.

Cd value (slippery shape) : and frontal Area

Both values are then combined with others to determine resistive force at any given speed. This relationship is a “square law”, and doubling the speed multiplies the resistive force by four.

Or put another way if the power needed to overcome the aerodynamic loads of 150mph is 55bhp

Then at double the speed 300mph we would need 220bhp

And for the same size and shape bike, to reach 400mph, we would need 400bhp.

(400/150=2.7, 2.7 x 2.7 x 55 = 400 bhp)

Still with us? Great. Now you probably appreciate that this is a gross over simplification, but it serves to demonstrate how these forces quickly escalate. And why our powerplant is designed substantially in excess of 400bhp. And why Angelic Bulldog has such a slippery shaped body.