Team A-M

All for one...

Being a team member on a project such as ours is not for the fainthearted. Ingenuity and determination are needed in abundance, as well as talent. We are incredibly fortunate to have attracted the help and support of this amazing group. Apart from our 8 cylinder engine, these are the other powerplant that push the project forward.

If you think there’s a place for you, you’re probably right. So please get in touch if you think you have something to bring to the party.

In alphabetical order:-

Peter Baumber
Peter works at Siemens Industrial Gas Turbines in Lincoln.

He is a great photographer with a portfolio of published work, and can be seen with his camera at various sporting events around the country.

Helen Bell
“My job is that of a corporate and commercial lawyer with Langleys solicitors. I love my work but outside of it, I have an inexhaustible desire to live life to the maximum. I am passionate about anything that enables me to go faster than my two legs will carry me whether it be on two wheels, four wheels, four legs, a set of skis, sailing along on a choppy sea or exploring the life underneath it and so I am always on the lookout for opportunities to get involved in activities which enrich my life and hopefully that of others.

And so when I met Gabriel and Jim at a presentation about the project I knew immediately that I would be seeking a way to get involved. I got myself invited to a meeting with the team and the role of secretary was up for grabs. I did not need to be asked twice. This is an amazing project and I am honored to be part of it.”

David Brown
Dave is an Electronics Design Consultant, who spent 10 years in the defence industry learning rigorous design, 12 years in the semiconductor industry putting his experience to good use helping customers do their design, and rounded it all off with over 20 years as director of the consultancy “Stonely Scientific”, designing everything electronic. For the last 10 years this has been mostly in the automotive industry.

Dave has always worked at the leading edge; on spacecraft control systems; aircraft systems such as Concorde; and the Bugatti Veyron transmission controller (involving an interesting trip at quite high speed round a test track).

For the last five years Dave has designed auxiliary systems for hybrid and fuel cell vehicles, involving high voltage (up to 450V) and high current (up to 80 amps), starting with the concept, and following through to design, layout, product proving, and EMC test.

Dave’s involvement with motorbikes goes back a long way, to the restoration of a 1937 Rudge Special. This was followed by an NSU Quickly, which was tuned to the point where gearboxes lasted weeks, at best. It probably afforded the fastest commuting in London traffic of all time.

Dave is joining the team to bring a little balance amongst all of the mechanical engineers, and offer what help he can towards achieving the project goals.

Dan Dole
Dan has been building racing engines for two decades now, since first starting a job as a trainee engine builder at Brian Hart Ltd in 1989. He stayed there until 2000 when the company closed, and had worked his way up to the position of Development Engine Builder.

“I had a great time working for Brian Hart, building Formula 1 V8’s and V10’s. It was interesting to be at the forefront of engine development, and using new technology as it was developed. What made this more challenging is the lack of information available on new projects. The only other companies going along similar lines of development were Formula 1 competitors, and they weren’t going to give anything away, so all problems had to be solved in house”.

Dan Dole - Angelic Bulldog

Since 2000 Dan has worked on World Rally engines for a year, and then GT racing until the present day where he works for a top LMP1 team, going for another decent Le Mans 24hr result.

“Working at events like Le Mans is an amazing experience, knowing anything could happen in practice or the race, and if it does, it needs to be fixed immediately. Fortunately engine trouble is very rare, but I still have to be prepared, knowing I’ll be called upon to fix it, if it does happen. The pressure and lack of sleep is huge, but a good result makes it all worth it, and I keep going back for more.”

In his spare time Dan is a very keen motorcyclist, and has been for even longer than he’s been building racing engines, closely following the International racing scene. As time allows he enjoys modifying his own bikes preferring to make everything himself rather than just bolting on expensive goodies.

“Speed is a major passion of mine, which you could probably guess from my career, so when I was asked to be part of the team, I didn’t have to think about it for too long. I think I answered ‘yes’ before Jim had finished asking the question. This record attempt will be just like motor racing for me, it’s all in the preparation. Everything has to be considered, and when we go for the record, everything has to be ready. There’s only prizes for results, nothing for excuses!”

Kevin Doncaster

Kevin is a Senior Draftsperson at Siemens in Lincoln.

“I have a very young family which take up most of my spare time. I like to play & watch most sports – especially football & cue sports. Being part of a team with so much drive & ambition with a genuine addiction to getting the record is something very special & has offered me an exciting challenge. One that I couldn’t refuse.”

Neil Gilfillan

Neil is a Carpenter & Joinery manufacturer and speed freak.

“I am 51 year old and would like to say that the other love in my life apart from speed record breaking is my wife Joanne.

Having come within a whisker of getting the outright world land speed record, for a motorcycle back in 1999 with Richard “Rocketman” Brown at Bonneville the chance of getting to join another team to get a crack at the record was too good a chance to let go. I have been involved with Don Wales and his Bluebird Electric Car. I am also assisting Richard “Rocketman” Brown with the testing of his current project, a personnel Jetpack

With a smile on my face my most noticeable achievement would be a piece of my 2×1 softwood mounted inside of the unused centre nozzle of Richard “Rocketman” Brown’s Gillette Mach 3 motorcycle with a camera attached to it obtaining a peak speed of over 360 mph.”

Neil has been a Speed Record Club member for the last 14 years, where with his wife he looks after the magazine back issues.

Martin Hockenhull

Martin Hockenhull, Evo Design Solutions Ltd, Grantham

Evo Designs - Angelic Bulldog

Evo Design Solutions Ltd is a privately held company formed in 2003. They specialise in computer aided design (CAD), creating the models of components that we use. Martin has made a 3D CAD model of the engines that we will be using, and his skills will be called upon again.

Martin is a part of a team that worked on an electric motorbike. Here is a picture of him with the team that includes Peter Trevor, another member of our project team.

Stephen Mosley
“I am a Senior Design Engineer / CAD manager with a background predominantly in the aerospace industry. During my formative years Concorde, Thrust 2 and the Space Shuttle were a huge influence and inspiration. It should come as no surprise then that I ended up pursuing a career in engineering so that I could be involved with loud, fast things. I am a keen motoring enthusiast and have a particular interest in Land Speed Record cars. I will admit to zero experience with bikes but, upon reading about Angelic Bulldog in an engineering magazine, I decided I just had to try to get involved. I am now looking forward to the challenges this project will present and the ultimate success of our endeavour.

I am also an artist and writer, giving vent to my passion for Art Deco and Futurism. However, despite some critical success (including having my work used by the Save Concorde Group) I have thus far managed to avoid making any money at it.”