Team N-Z

...and one for all

And still more of our team who help push us forward towards our goal.

Tim Room
“In 1994 I started at Beauchamp’s High school with Gabriel as my form tutor. His stories of motorcycle racing and sailing adventures were always of great interest to me. In 1996 when Gabriel first started the project I always wanted to get involved but because of age restrictions it wasn’t till 97-98 that I became part of the team, this involved preparing and maintaining the bike before and during race meets.

In 1999 I successfully completed my GCSE’s gaining an A in engineering, earning a technician apprenticeship at EEV (now e2v technologies) in Chelmsford. On completion of my apprenticeship I graduated with a HNC in manufacturing production and started work in the Design office. During my three years in the design office I worked on various projects including thermal imaging cameras, gas sensors, dental imaging equipment, CCD’s for the Hubble space telescope and became proficient in the use of Auto Cad, Pro engineer, Inventor and Viz max 3D.

Although leaving school in 1999 I continued helping with the project in my spare time and was lucky enough to be part of the team to go to Bonneville Salt Flats in 2000.

In 2007 after hearing a BBC Radio 2 interview my dad told me that there was a shortage of engineers in the yachting industry so off I went to qualify as a Professional Yacht Engineer. Since then I spent much of my time sailing round the world on a variety of beautiful yachts!

Being out of the country a lot curtails my activities within the project, but when I am available, I get involved wherever I can. I am looking forward to the testing and then the attempt next year, as I feel Gabriel has the passion, and the team, to pull it off.”

Arron Rogers
Arron is an Industrial Designer.

“I am a recent Industrial Design graduate from Coventry University specialising in motorcycle design. My thesis project was the creation of the Norton M28 Concept, A Norton motorcycle for the 21st century directly inspired by the racing success of the Manx Norton. My studies included an Internship at Ducati and involvement with the universities Formula Student project.

Aaron Rogers - Angelic Bulldog

Following graduation, and an unforgettable drive across Africa in a Vauxhall Nova, I set up Moto R Design and am currently working as a freelance motorcycle designer. More info can be found on

The opportunity to work on the Angelic Bulldog as a first major project came about and I was soon producing design renders. I am involved with early concept design and development with the aerodynamicists along with transferring data into CAD packages from our initial full scale mock up”.

Stu Rogers
Stu is designer and frame builder, he has been the Engineer/Proprietor of Stu Rogers International Norton Spares for 28 years.

Stu is also a rider, and won Daytona on his 1939 SRS Norton in 1993, 1994, 1995, and 1996 Pre ’40 Class. In 1995 and 1996 Class C, and on a 250 Ducati in 1995. In 1993 he won the #1 plate in the Pre ’40 and Class C Classics. He was British Vintage Unlimited Champion in 1974 and Pre ’48 Champion in 1989 and 1990.

Stu raced a streamliner at Bonneville in 1997 powered by a Vincent engine. He met Gabriel shortly afterwards, and the two started talking about building their own streamliner.

“I first met Gabriel at an NSA sprint in Sept 1997 after returning from Bonneville earlier that month. I had spent the previous 3 months in Greenville, Virginia helping to build the Black Lightning Vincent streamliner before racing it at Bonneville in the August Speed Week. The Vincent Teams unsuccessful attempt left me with unfinished business, but I was getting a little long in the tooth to start a project of my own and I knew the immense financial implications, although I still had streamliner fever.

I met Gabriel again at Santa Pod in Sept 2002 where his enthusiasm for his own land speed record attempt was infectious, so I made him the offer of using my workshop facilities and told him to keep in touch. He came up with offers and ideas for a few different variations of modern, double-engined propulsion, but I had my doubts, not liking the complication of linked engine set-ups. Early in 2008 he rang me to say that he had been offered the Powertec V8 Hyabusa based 2.8L engine and things started to take shape from there”.

Stu’s Bonneville experience and knowledge of bike building will allow the record attempt vehicle to be light and strong.

Read more about Stu’s adventures with the Vincent streamliner.

Bob Smith (deceased)
“I am 58 years young and originally from Epsom, Surrey. My Birth Certificate says ‘Howard’ but I’m known by many as ‘Bob’.

My working life began as a car mechanic, but I quickly became bored by the job. For a while I worked as a welder at a sheet metal company. But I aspired to have my own exhaust centre, and I achieved this in 1977 but struggled for five years with the massive South London overheads. I Moved to Wisbech in 1984, and started a lawnmower repair business. Unfortunately the onset of rheumatoid arthritis forced a change of occupation and, desk-bound, I was employed by two Local Authorities for ten years until I began working for Stewart at SRS Norton at the beginning of last year. I still have the pernicious RA, but bench work is not too difficult for me. I now describe myself as a ‘Metal Worker’. My work with Stu is predominately fabrication and welding.

I’ve been involved in motor/motorcycle sport (off and on) most of my adult life. Cars: hill climbing; sprinting; grass track racing. Motorcycles: 1/4 mile sprinting. My current sprint bike is a 97cc Yamaha, which I built in 2005 (see attached photos)and am still developing. Quickest time over the quarter mile is 15.28 and my fastest 1/4 mile terminal speed is 85.7 mph. I build my own frames and most of the cycle parts, and I also tune my own engines.”

Clayton Smith
Ever since he was able to pick up a spanner, Clayton has had an enthusiasm for all things mechanical. He is a self-taught machinist & vehicle mechanic/Auto electrician, who enjoys tinkering with anything that’s got wheels and an engine!

Clayton left school & started working in a local garage, and then in 1999 he joined Parkinson Harness Technology & has since worked his way up to Senior Development Engineer. During his time at PHT he has worked on a wide variety of projects, from Military prototypes to full race spec wiring harnesses for the likes of Radical & Ascari to name but a few.

“I met Gabriel a few years ago at the BMF, we got chatting & once I knew what he was trying to do, I just had to get involved. As a self-confessed speed freak & keen motorcyclist, I could not pass up the opportunity to work on something this awesome!”

Together with Parkinson Harness Technology, Clayton is supporting us with all the electrical aspects of the project.

Tudor Thomas
Tudor is a good friend of Stu Rogers, and has bought some useful information to the Project. He has worked with metalworking companies and has introduced the Project to several firms who have since joined us as sponsors. He is assisting the Project Team with planning & scheduling, and also has considerable experience of riding feet forward motorcycles.

Peter Trevor
Peter is a director of KA Sensors Ltd, Grantham.

Peter volunteered the service of his company back in September 2009, just as we were looking for a supplier of the wiring looms and sensors. The timing could not have been better. Since that time, he has provided numerous contacts and suppliers in the motorsport’s industry and has been involved with electronics meetings. He is now a valuable member of the Team.

“KA Sensors is almost 4 years old, specialising in sensors, wiring and electronic systems for motorsports. Previous to this I worked for various instrumentation companies on projects as diverse as Offshore exploration to Rocket propulsion and everything in between. In the last 10 years I have been involved in motorsport and automotive applications.

I like to get involved in things that other people shy away from. Probably makes it harder for myself but its very enjoyable and challenging. Recently I worked with a team on an electric motorcycle for the IOM TT race. Unfortunately the bike did not run on the island but we had worked hard to get there and the experience was life changing (In a good way). The bike was part Ilmor MotoGP chassis (Swing arm and front end), main chassis was Peter Williams designed monocoque. Stuffed full of lithium batteries and electric motor.”

Roger Trundle
Roger is an NVQ Assessor and travels around the UK checking NVQ’s in automotive topics.

He is also a team player and fabricator and helping to source parts for the Project. He has many contacts in the automotive industry. He’s been busy recently collecting tubing from the tube benders, and helping Stu fabricate the mockup frame.

Phil Virr
Phil is currently Managing Director at Virrtech Consulting. He has worked for Rolls Royce, Mira, the Renault F1 Team, TWR Engines, and Alstom power.

Phil is performing our fluid dynamics analysis, working closely with David and the CAD Team.

John Wharf
John is a retired scientific civil servant with a lifelong interest in the land speed record. He built a number of parts for Thrust SSC in his small workshop at home.

He was with the team when Trust SSC broke the land speed record. John is currently making parts for the bike’s engine.