About the team

Racing towards the record

For over ten years, a team of British enthusiasts have been working on the design and construction of the British contender Angelic Bulldog. Led by Gabriel Uttley, ex Isle of Man racer and teacher, the aim of the team is to return the Motorcycle Land Speed Record to Britain for the first time in over 80 years…

With the design virtually finalised, the project has now moved into construction phase. It has recently completed the build of it’s specially commissioned engine, the Dan-Tec 8 – 23 SC, an eight cylinder 2.3 litre engine designed to power the “Bulldog” through the 400mph barrier and beyond.

Next on the agenda is the construction of the chassis, a task that is scheduled for completion by late Autumn 2016.

Angelic Chassis

With the completion of these two major components, assembly of the sub systems can commence including the drivetrain, engine management and creation of the streamlines bodywork.

So the race is now well and truly on to get Angelic Bulldog on the salt by 2017.