Building the Bulldog

Safety first, then fast.

The safety of both the driver and the bike have played a very important part in the design of the Angelic Bulldog streamliner.

In order to break the land speed record we need a very fast motorbike and to comply with the various technical regulations governing the construction of such machines. To run at Bonneville the streamliner will need to past scrutineering.

Engineering considerations

The streamliner will have the following:

  • Roll cage made of T45 tubing, 3.2mm thick
  • Bodywork made of carbon/kevlar mix
  • Two six-pot callipers and 10mm thick discs, water cooled
  • 2 chutes for high speed
  • Watercooled chains running in a neoprene tunnel, either side of the rear wheel
  • A fire system in both the engine and cockpit compartments
  • A tilt mechanism to deploy both chutes if the streamliner goes over 40 degrees from vertical

Driver safety

  • A nine-point harness
  • A 6-layer firesuit
  • A Nomex-lined helmet
  • Fireproof gloves and boots