March 2013 Newsletter

We have sent the March 2013 Angelic Bulldog Project newsletter to everybody on our email list.  You can download it as a pdf file or read it below.

March 2013 Newsletter


Well here we are, with 2013 already well underway. The good news is that lots of things are happening to move the project forward. The bad news is that we will not be ready for Bonneville this year.

I have talked to people and due to extraneous circumstances, mainly the health of key people; the project has slowed in the last six months. We have been waiting for parts to be made, and made the decision to have everything right before we run the engine. Some decisions have had to be made with regard to necessary modifications to get parts to fit in the available space, which have also taken time to solve. If only it was easy…….


Dan has been beavering away behind the scenes, even though it is “silly” season for Prodrive in terms of getting cars and engines ready for the racing season. He is working on the chassis modifications, plenum chamber and other drawings while we wait for the water pipe bends to be made. These again are subject to firms fitting us in because of F1 etc. John Wharf continues to make us parts as required.


Peter Trevor and his team are working with Matt at Tour De Force and Parkinsons Harness Technology to prepare the sensor system and all the wiring and ECU components. Parkinsons have just provided us with an alternator, so thanks to them for that. Thanks to Colin for his help too. David Brown is working with Peter Trevor to finalise the dash and instrument panel. Peter is designing the controls for the handlebars.

Oil system

Dan has designed his oil system for the engine. OBP kindly made us two swirl chambers and Stu is completing the rest of the oil tank. This is proving to be complicated enough to have had several modifications!


Tudor is busy getting the wheels and centre hub system sorted. Sam at Kaitech has been machining parts for us and Tudor is recovering from his major operation well. He is keen to help us make better progress this year. When Stu has finished the oil tank he is going to finalise the rear wheel/discs/brakes/swing arm for us.

Aerodynamics/performance modeling

I have received some aerodynamic work undertaken by students at Kingston University for us. I am reading through it and then will pass it on and see how it can help us.


Steve Weblin is doing sterling work keeping up with all the information that needs processing, and coping with my demands! I am working with a friend to update the front page of the website.


I am working on how to best utilise our lorry. It needs fitting out, and then the trailer making to tow the streamliner.


Students at North Lindsey College in Scunthorpe are making us a show body for the streamliner to use at shows. Staff is keen to collaborate with the project and inspire their students to perform.


Connor and Jonny at Rishworth have used their A Level Technology to complete work on our project. Connor is designing the medical storage for the chase bike and Jonny is designing merchandise. Another student, Ream, from Birmingham, is looking at the rear door design for the chute release.

Current standing

We now have almost everything we need for the streamliner in terms of parts. Roger has gathered parts up and has altered his workshop to make the build easier and more professional.

Events coming up

I have not agreed to any events this year as we wait for the show body to be completed, but here are some possibilities. In brackets is the estimated attendance.


Carole Nash International Classic Bike Show, 27/28th April. (30,000)

BMF, Peterborough, 17-19th May. (25,000)

Goodwood Festival Of Speed, June. (100,000)

Farmyard Party, Duncombe Park Helmsley 21-23rd June. (30,000)

Bikefest, Kelso 6/7th July. (10,000)

Motorcycle Show, NEC, November. TBA (40,000)


Gabriel Uttley, Project Founder and Rider


On behalf of the Angelic Bulldog Project Ltd