The Angelic Bulldog Project

We are a British team building a 400mph streamliner motorbike to break the world outright motorcycle land speed record. We are working towards our target with volunteers and a number of partners, including our lead partner SRS Rail System Limited.

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Read the latest news. Elsewhere you can read about team members or view galleries of pictures.

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Members of the Angelic Bulldog Association get to see special extra content on our website and a discount in our shop. To see more details of what our members enjoy go to the join-us page.

Work with us

This project depends on volunteers and partners, without their valuable contributions this project would not be possible.

Read about our partners here. Read about our offer to partners here.



This video gives you a quick overview and introduction to the project.

How it works

We have a series of How it Works articles written especially for our website. Members of our supporters club, the Angelic Bulldog Association, get to see more articles.

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This is a non-profit project. Every single pound takes us a step closer to the world outright motorcycle land speed record.

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